In 2013, Dr. Enright was rated #1 on the “Best Rated Acupuncturist in NY” by RateMDs.com; Top 10 Best Rated Doctors in NY by Specialty.

Both Dr. Enright and Dr. Agoado are two of the highest rated Acupuncturists on the “Best Rated Acupuncturist in FL” by RateMDs.com; Top 10 Best Rated Doctors in FL by Specialty.

“I am a head and neck cancer survivor 9 years out! I have been suffering for 9 years from a radical neck dissection with 35 treatments of high dose radiation. I have been on pain management and have seen many specialists for a variety of after effects. Matthew Enright has helped me more than any MD or Surgeon I have seen. He is professional, punctual, and very knowledgeable and has improved the quality of my health 100%!!”

“I am a breast cancer survivor. Due to three surgeries in ten months I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. When I found Dr. Enright I was in a great deal of pain and had very limited range of motion. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable. I felt relief after my very first visit with him. I was able to sleep and regained some range of motion. I would highly recommend him.”

“Very knowledgeable, personable and helped me tremendously with my back pain.”

“I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy about 2 weeks ago. No sooner did it happen, I found myself treating with Matthew Enright. Not only was he comforting but he was very knowledgeable. He told me what to do and what not to do. I have been treating with him since the onset of my Bells and have been seeing improvements after each treatment. The office is clean, welcoming, and always a pleasure. I am so grateful to Matthew Enright for helping me through this tough time. The treatments are not only helpful to my condition but are educational and relaxing as well. I have already recommended his services to others. Again I am forever grateful to Matthew Enright in helping me move closer and closer to a full recovery. Thank you”

“A very painful foot injury kept me from doing things that I enjoyed. After many visits to the podiatrist, I was still in pain. He suggested very expensive orthotics, which I could not afford, as a last resort. I saw Matthew Enright out of frustration and quite frankly, I really didn’t think it would help. I was surprised that after one treatment my pain was reduced by 50-75% and after 3 treatments it was completely resolved. One year later the problem has not returned. My hat is off to Matthew Enright was solved my problem without medication and with very little discomfort.”

“I have been treated by Matt for not only physical issues but for stress and anxiety. He takes the time to listen and explains how and why he approaches the treatment the way he does. My "female issues" have come leaps and bounds and I no longer rely on over the counter medications since I've been treated by Matt. I sing his praises daily and recommend him to all my friends and family!!”

“I am a prostate cancer survivor, Matt has treated me for problems with my hand, neck and back. Very professional. He explains the procedure, how the placement of the needles enables the body to interact to alleviate my pain/discomfort and the expectations that should result from the treatment. This is the interaction that I, and we all, should want from our medical professionals when they treat us. Matt gets an A+ grade on all counts. One added note, the treatments did provide relief for my problems. “

“Recently I saw Matthew Enright for my lower back pain. He is very knowledgeable and extremely thorough in his approach to Acupuncture. He explained my condition in way I had never heard before, but it made perfect sense. Finally somebody told me what I was dealing with and how to fix it. I have been several times now and am feeling the best I have felt in years. Matthew is a rare healer and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. If you dont feel well, go see him, he will fix you!! “

“I have been dealing with shoulder pain from arthritis for several months. After a few acupuncture treatments, I have been afforded a great deal of relief. “

“I had acute bronchitis and Dr. Enright gave me a cupping treatment that really helped. I was having difficulty breathing and after the treatment I felt much better. Great job, thanks! “

“I had been in a great deal of pain for a couple of days. I was unable to turn my head, drive, dress myself or even breathe for that matter. The pain was unbearable, sleeping was impossible then I was referred to Matt Enright, Acupuncturist, by my Chiropractor. After only 2 treatments I was able to have some range of motion in my neck. I would finally sleep and my everyday tasks were no longer tortuous. The Acupuncture worked almost instantaneously. I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, then finally the treatment I received helped. Matt examined me thoroughly, he took my pulse and looked at my tongue, asked me a series of questions concerning my diet and lifestyle. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions, but most importantly, he stopped the pain! “

“I was in a pretty severe car accident 3 months ago. Among the normal injuries that go along w/ a car accident, neck, shoulder, back, etc., I was blessed w/ severe hiccups (I know, it sounds crazy) I woke up & had them for 4 hrs; they were literally back to back, not a breath in between. I've been in extreme pain & the last thing I needed was something else. My amazing Chiro. (Dr. Opisso) referred me to Matthew. I was apprehensive, but at this point, I'll try anything. He saw me on his day off, he relaxed me about the "needles", we choose to call them hairs now! I wish I could write more, but long story short, he got rid of my bizarre case of hiccups, & is now helping me w/ my pain & other issues I have (nausea, depression, anxiety, etc.). I think he's found a life long patient! Between his knowledge, first hand relief & research, I see what this can do. I don't know what I would have done without him. Interesting how the 2 "natural medical" practices have helped me the most so far.”

“I met with Dr Landon because a friend referred me to him because I was suffering with seasonal allergies and allergy to pet and animal dander. I really loved the allergy technique - NAET - he uses and I found relief rather quickly. I'm currently going thru his allergy protocol and I just wanted to pass this along that it's really helping me and if you are an allergy sufferer you have to give this a try because it really is working. I also found out that I have food sensitivity that we need to address because it's causing brainfog. Interesting stuff and I'm learning a lot about holistic medicine. He's a nice man that takes time to help.”

“Such a special physician, more should have his heart, energy and knowledge!”

“None more sensitive to your needs than this young man”

“Wonderful personality. A very knowledgeable and caring doctor.”

“Landon is an amazing healer. He has a true gift of healing.”

“I used Dr. Landon during my infertility treatments and have a beautiful new baby as a result.

”“He is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful human being who is doing his best to be a help and an inspiration to everyone he touches with his spirit.”

“An amazing healer. Is truly there for the patients and is understanding and caring. I would recommend him to everyone”

“I never met with a doc that did such a thorough evaluation on the first visit and really took the time to educate me on how acupuncture works for my condition in particular. I feel like i am in great hands and a lot of my symptoms that we have been working on have been alleviated. I am a female with irregular and painful menstruation among other issues. I'm very satisfied with Dr Landon. He's a blessing to me.”

“After two years of struggling, two years of testing costing tons of money, two years of frustration due to numerous miscarriages, I was referred to Dr Landon Agoado by a friend (who he helped get pregnant in a similar seemingly hopeless situation) and now all I can say is if it wasn't for his compassion, spirit and Traditional Chinese Medical knowledge, we would have given up. Good thing we didn't! I just gave birth to a 6lb 5 ozbeautiful boy who was just named "Landon" so we never forget the Angel he has been to us.”

“Dr. Landon helped me tremendously after a miscarriage. my cycles where all over the place and thought I would never be the same. After a few months of his treatment and knowledge not only was I back to normal but, I got pregnant! I am now carrying a beautiful baby girl due in June. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!”

“Great doc...helped me with my back and shoulder pain. The acupuncture treatments were very relaxing and enjoyable.”

“Great experience with Dr Landon. Great bedside manner, knowledgeable, and most importantly he got me out of pain. I have recommended him to family and friends on many occasions. My issue was back pain with sciatica.”